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The Future of Catholicism Part 7: The Score- Modernity 5, Catholicism 0

Summary of Sociological Analyses:


Summary of Analogy:


This is certainly a grim analysis: precisely zero percent of Catholics (at least, lay Catholics) have found a way to successfully negotiate the onslaught of modernity with the Catholic faith!

The common note of ALL these attempts: EXHAUSTION. ACROBATICS of varying degrees.

But there is one difference: Four of these groups (Liberal Catholicism, Zombie Catholicism, Neo-Conservative Catholicism and Radical Traditional Catholicism) are simply doomed, fundamentally failures; However, Paleo-Catholicism is different: (much like Vatican II) the problem here is not INTRINSIC, but rather PRACTICAL. Thomas Storck argues that ‘now is not the time for action, but rather for vision’. And yet, if it simply remains visionary, it is always going to be subject to its most powerful criticism, that it isn’t practical, that it’s utopian, or that it’s just another form of Marxist Socialism.

I think these folks are like Intellectual ‘Preppers’: they are comfortably awaiting the collapse of Capitalism in a catastrophic situation which will make the Great Recession seem like child’s play. That seems to me to be a bit cruel: I think we owe more to our fellow man.

What should they be doing? I’ll discuss that in the final post (LINK) of this series…

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