Catholic Vitalism

Sourpuss Catholicism?- Notes from ‘The Future of Catholicism’ Symposium

Note: the sections in red were written later that night after a few drinks; I’ve kept them to as a penance, to remind myself that I’ve got problems and not in the future to drink so much […]

Apr, 09

The Future of Catholicism Part 8: Hope for the Future

What Does the Future Hold? The ‘Usual Suspects’: signs of this revival include: new Catholic schools and colleges that are truly Catholic; reversion to a more authentic Catholic character by some of the older institutions that […]

Apr, 04

The Future of Catholicism Part 7: The Score- Modernity 5, Catholicism 0

Summary of Sociological Analyses: MAKE A TABLE HERE Summary of Analogy: MAKE A TABLE HERE This is certainly a grim analysis: precisely zero percent of Catholics (at least, lay Catholics) have found a way to […]

Apr, 03

The Future of Catholicism Part 6: Radical Traditional Catholicism

As we have seen, my own experiences have dovetailed rather neatly with each of the major Catholic responses to Modernity in the four previous posts. With Radical Traditional Catholicism, I have only had fleeting experiences. […]

Apr, 02

The Future of Catholicism Part 5: Paleo-Catholicism

Once I began to see the inauthenticity of the Neo-Con option, I turned my sights to proponents of the ‘Third Way’: the Distributist vision of Chesterton, Belloc; Richard Weaver. John Senior. Dorothy Day and Peter […]

Apr, 02

The Future of Catholicism Part 4: Neo-Conservative Catholicism

Teaching in a Zombie Catholic high school was, for me, a mixed bag. Mostly, it was hugely dispiriting to face the bored, tired hordes of modern Philistines who were thrown at me relentlessly, class after […]

Apr, 02

The Future of Catholicism Part 3: Zombie Catholicism

After completing my Master’s degree, I spent ten years teaching in an all-boys ‘Zombie Catholic’ school in the suburbs of Rhode Island. With a few notable exceptions, the students I taught and were exactly like […]

Apr, 02


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